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Christmas Appeal 2021

Our caseworker Cat explains why we need your support

This Christmas, please will you give the gift of hope to refugees and asylum seekers who have survived torture and trafficking?

Donate to our Christmas Appeal today

Help refugees to get the specialist support they need

The pandemic has hit our community members hard, putting significant pressure on people already dealing with poor mental health.

Your donation could help fund short-term therapy for new members, preparing them to join one of our therapeutic groups and supporting them to address enduring post-traumatic symptoms.

Your donation could also help fund one of our weekly group therapy sessions, providing a safe space for members to share their experiences, gain strength from one another and learn to slowly trust others again. These sessions help members feel less isolated, and they often refer to others in their group as their brothers and sisters in the UK.

After one year at the group I felt a lot of change, I start to speak and express how I feel, I become less negative. It gave me confidence and feeling of being part of community, not rejected.

This shared experience of survival has a profound impact on members: seeing other people surviving and getting past seemingly insurmountable shame, loss and barriers engenders hope in members that they too can experience the same one day.

How your donation will help

£10 could pay for a member’s travel fare to attend our weekly community and gardening gatherings

£20 could fund internet data for a member for a month to access group therapy online

£50 could pay for a nourishing community meal, bringing together a group of members and helping to reduce their isolation

£100 could fund online therapy sessions, helping a group of members feel supported and listened to, restoring their hope for a more positive future.

Make a donation now

Please donate today to our therapeutic services and give members the gift of hope.