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Challenges of the transition period

Advocacy 17 May 2016

Challenges of the transition period

Imagine being granted refugee status and then being left with no support…

Even after the long-awaited receipt of status, relief and celebrations can be short-lived. Home Office policy dictates that 28 days after receiving notification of refugee status, asylum support and accommodation is completely cut off. Prevented from working, and without access to savings, homelessness and destitution are common.

Furthermore, in order to access welfare services in the UK, a Biometric Residence Permit, National Insurance number (NINO) and notice of the termination of asylum support (the ‘NASS 35 form’) are needed and these identity documents rarely arrive within the 28 day period. This guardian article explains some of the difficulties facing newly-recognised refugees, outlining how everyday challenges, like opening a bank account, are fraught with obstacles and discrimination.

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