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We are a small grass-roots organisation who rely on a community of passionate volunteers. They contribute hugely to the Room to Heal community and we are very grateful for their support.

Room to heal volunteers and staff
Room to Heal volunteers and staff

Our volunteers

We are very grateful for their support of the following volunteers:

  • Mariko Taniguchi (Tuesday and Garden Volunteer)
  • Sally Cook (Community Support)
  • Jane Heather (Community Support)
  • Kate Osmond (Casework and Garden Volunteer)
  • Mary Hannity (Casework and Garden Volunteer)
  • Lewis Kane (Tuesday Volunteer)
  • Carey Buchanan (Tuesday Volunteer)
  • Cat Baker (Garden Volunteer)

Jo Masiulaniec (payroll support)
Marc Sutton (IT and website support)
Paul Maston (IT and website support)
Bullet Creative (website design)

A big thanks to Marc Sutton and Paul Maston who offer IT and website support and to all our Accompanying Volunteers who support members during appointments which may be difficult, such as signing at the Home Office or meeting new hosts. Also a big thank you to Jo Masiulaniec who generously supports us by operating our payroll system.

Become a volunteer

For our services to run smoothly we rely on a number of committed and passionate volunteers. We put regular calls out for volunteers throughout the year. Join our mailing list or follow us on social media for updates. See our volunteering page for more information on becoming a volunteer.