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Our Programme

Below is a brief outline of Room to Heal’s holistic programme for members. All these aspects of our work take place in the context of our therapeutic community, the cultivation of which lies at the heart of our therapeutic approach.

Our assessment process is an opportunity for a prospective member to talk about their mental health and asylum-related issues with a therapist. It is a chance for us to look at a person’s psychological and material needs and determine both how they are best addressed and whether Room to Heal is the right place to address them.

We offer short-term individual therapy, aimed at preparing new members to join the Room to Heal community and, where appropriate address enduring post-traumatic symptoms.

We recognise that it is futile to offer counselling to a person who has no food, no money, and no place to sleep at night. Our small casework team works closely with a range of partners to help members resolve practical issues they face, for example helping them to access suitable legal representation, housing, and medical care. The casework team also supports members to develop their potential and prepare for employment, education and training.

Our weekly therapeutic support groups are the cornerstone of our therapeutic programme. We currently run three mixed gender groups.

Work in the gardens and is central to our work. Being in nature is in itself a healing activity; and working together to develop the community gardens provide members with a sense of purpose, ownership and achievement – while also providing a harvest we can all share.

We run two intensive therapeutic retreats in the countryside per year. They are a chance to deepen the therapeutic process and people’s experience of community, away from the stresses of everyday life in London. We also organise regular day trips.

Increasingly members are becoming involved in shaping the direction of the community at our community forums and exploring opportunities to speak out and effect wider change.

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