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About Room to Heal

At Room to Heal, we offer support and refuge to people who have had to flee persecution, torture and indefinite detention.

10 years of Room to Heal – our short film

At the heart of our work lies the cultivation of a healing community through which people can overcome the legacy of trauma. This sits alongside an integrated programme of therapeutic and casework assistance. We work at depth and intensity over the long-term to support each individual in their journey towards healing and to help them rebuild their life in the UK.

We believe in a world where human rights are respected, where those who are persecuted for their beliefs are supported, and their plight publicised.

Our community, based in Islington, is made up of people from 30 countries, of all ages and religions, united by a common belief in humanity and respect for human rights. We provide people with a broad spectrum of support, from physical and psychological therapy to practical assistance with housing, legal protection and related challenges.

Everything we do is intended to build and nurture the healing community that lies at the heart of our work. Our members see Room to Heal as their family in the UK, the place which they can rely on, the place where they belong. That means a lot when set against the backdrop of loss and trauma, broken trust, marginalisation and isolation people typically face in their daily lives.

In the longer term we give a voice to the voiceless, and work towards creating a world where Human Rights are respected and torture is a thing of the past.

The model of assistance and advocacy that we have developed has been recognised by the United Nations who are inviting us to train others in the field. We are now looking to replicate our work throughout the UK and overseas.

The impact of our work is also recognised by our funders. Comic Relief named us “Charity Champions” and Lloyds Foundation praised our “outstanding impact.”

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