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World Refugee Day is here!

Advocacy 20 June 2017

Amid chaos and tragedy in London, we must not forget the resilience and strength that we can all learn from each other when we come together and look past difference. Refugee Day – and Refugee Week – is a chance to celebrate the enormous contribution that migrants, refugees and asylum seekers make to our communities across the UK.

It is also a chance to focus on how we can speak out and campaign to make sure migrants are treated with dignity and fairness. Whilst the Conservative party are formulating new definitions of the two-tier system that categorises refugees into good/bad, welcome/unwelcome, and the Hostile Environment introduced back 2013 is making settling in the UK (accessing education, free healthcare, ability to rent property, drive a car..) increasingly difficult, let’s make sure that refugees and asylum seekers’ rights are central to the political agenda and let’s stand in solidarity to say loud and clear that REFUGEES ARE WELCOME HERE!

How can you get involved?

For an official guide of what’s going on near you, see here.

And of course, our 10th Anniversary Summer Party on Friday 30th June is a perfect way to learn more about our Room to Heal community, listen to members’ stories and live music.








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