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Room to Heal run the British 10k!

Fundraising 10 July 2017

Sunday 9th July, 26 degrees heat, the sun beaming down and the crowds swelling. Six runners sped across the city to raise money for Room to Heal. We are so grateful for their magnificent effort, Mamadou, Dame, Otto, Ella, Maria & Santi, you are our heros!

If you have donated to Mamadou and Dame’s JustGiving page, then thank you so much, if you haven’t, then there’s still time… Please do sponsor them to show your support and appreciation of the run and contribute to Room to Heal’s running (literally!)

We are all so very proud of Dame for coming 14th out of 13,000 people, taking a remarkable 34 minutes to run the 10km!

Here he is having just finished: “One arm up to support Room to Heal charity, one arm for refugees!”

And big respect to Mamadou for completing the run in 52 minutes – beating our director, Mark Fish’s 2016 time by a whole 2 minutes!

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