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Therapeutic retreat to Abbey Organic Farm

News 24 August 2017

We visited a new location for our Summer therapeutic retreat: Abbey Farm, an organic retreat centre and farm in Cirencester.

Members were given tours of the organic farm, harvested vegetables which we cooked up into fantastic feasts, from vegetable biryani to chicken foot soup!

“We were in the green fresh air, eat organic food, the water taste different too.”

“I am relax, strong in my body, happiness in my heart.”

We milked cows, fed lambs, walked in the countryside, visited the neighbouring historical villages and practised chi quong every morning.

“It make us to know more of ourselves, I was able to learn more about farming which has given me a dream.”

“There’s nothing to say, all was adventurous and amazing. There was not time for conflict. All was together and everything was togetherness, happiness, helping each other! I cannot feel or think there’s room to think about anything negative. All was glooming like sun beamers!!!!”

Thank you Abbey Farm for hosting us, we hope we can come again in the future!


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