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Autumn 2017 Retreat to Devon

News 13 November 2017

The Autumn 2017 retreat was held in a new location in Devon: Eden Rise. We loved this warm and nurturing converted barn house overlooking the rolling hills of Devon. On retreat there were plenty of opportunities for a healing rest and taking part in relaxing enjoyable activities together such as cooking, board games, jewellery making and even impromptu dancing sessions. We also experienced the challenges and opportunities for growth provided by excursions around Dartmoor national park and Devon’s coastline. 

‘Dartmoor was a place where I was able to shout in a large place and to have a freedom.’

‘I enjoyed more the little Dartmouth trip because it reminded me of home. I bonded more with the members of Room to Heal. Lastly I was able to face the challenge of walking up and down the steps along the seaside since I am afraid of heights.’

This growth was echoed in the daily therapeutic support group. Members report feeling more able to open up in group and feel the support from the ‘Room to Heal family’ when on retreat.

‘I was able to talk about my feeling this was good because I was able to bring all the difficult moments out’

‘What I got out of this retreat is that I am not alone, I will always have family with me.’ 

The retreat has been hailed a big success, with members reporting a return to London with a boost of positivity, peace and strength. We are looking forward to the next healing retreat.

‘Thank you to think of us. Despite the pains we can still see life in a positive way.’

It relaxes my mind, soul and body. Mentally, I feel better and stronger.’


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