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Eyes Wide Open Photography and Room to Heal

News 21 December 2017

Room to Heal has been working with Eyes Wide Open, a fantastic project dedicated to facilitating community workshops that foster the development of creativity, innovative thought and talent.

Room to Heal members have been learning photographic skills as a new way of interacting and engaging with our surroundings, including our beautiful Culpeper Garden at the heart of the community.

Rosida said of her project, and the images she captured of the garden: “I like the garden, because when you plant things, you sow the seeds and you see them grow, they flourish. It is a healthy activity and I don’t have to think a lot. It takes my mind off things. I feel a bit sad when they fade but I guess these are stages of life. The weeds are like the bad things that happen in your life, you can just unroot them”. 

Here are some more beautiful images by our very talented Room to Heal photographers and you can see more of on the Eyes Wide Open tumblr.


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