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Thank you from Ahmed

Our voices 21 December 2017

This is Ahmed, he is a refugee, a musician, and many other things.

Ahmed was tortured for writing protest songs. He was forced to leave his family and flee to the UK.

For seven years he struggled, trying to prove his case. There were times he almost gave up. He couldn’t bear to pick up his guitar. We stood by him, helping him when he faced homelessness, helping him prove he was telling the truth, helping him find hope and eventually he began to sing again.

Thanks to Room to Heal and everyone who supports us, last year he won his case. We helped him get a scholarship. He just graduated with a Masters in Music Technology. Here he is in his gown.

This is Ahmed’s message for you:

“My success is because of your help. Your support to Room to Heal can give opportunity to people like me, to be able to study and build our future, and also to participate and give our ability and serve back to this society and country!”

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