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Annual Report & Summary 2017

News 16 February 2018

The Room to Heal Annual Report and Summary for 2017 is now published, and we are really proud to be able to share our successes of the year, as well as the challenges we have faced.

important component of the report is the members survey, in which we take on board direct feedback from the people we support. This year the survey showed:

  • 95% felt more supported by other members of RtH
  • 95% felt their confidence had improved
  • 95% felt more able to cope with the effects of trauma
  • 94% felt better able to cope with the asylum process
  • 93% felt more confident to communicate with a lawyer
  • 80% felt better able to access financial support
  • 83% felt more able to access housing
  • 93% felt more able to access healthcare providers
  • 88% were informed by RtH about places to study and receive training

We will continue to be challenged and continue to learn from each other, and are looking forward to a positive year ahead. The full report is available on the key info page here.

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