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Podcast with Mark Fish, founder of Room to Heal

News 8 December 2020

Listen to Mark Fish, founder of Room to Heal, on the essence of our work, on how being part of a group and community, in nature, can help the healing process.

“Torture does a good job of destroying agency – trust in life, all of that goes. You can’t change what has happened …. no one can change that.

We don’t assume we know what’s good for someone else because we don’t. What we do know is how to conduct these forums, we’ve learned how to make the safe parameters of the group

There’s no silver bullet, it’s a slow process of being with a group of people to learn to speak again, to share, find yourself again in the context of other people.”

Listen to the full podcast to find out more about Mark and our work.…/episode-28…/id1505391534…

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