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Emergency Covid-19 Appeal

Right now, our community members are facing severe challenges. Thanks to your support, we’ve helped them through the initial lockdown phase, but their significant challenges continue. Please donate today to help them cope through this ongoing crisis.

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Your donation will make a critical difference to people’s lives

Right now, our community members are facing severe challenges. As some of the most disadvantaged people in the UK, many of them are destitute with no cash support, or are living hand to mouth on just £5 per day.  Poverty, homelessness and poor physical and mental health are very real struggles for them. 

Our members have been hit hard by the pandemic, making it even more difficult for them to access basic necessities and support, and many are experiencing heightened anxiety as a result.  

We’re doing everything we can to support our members during this pandemic. 

In line with government/NHS recommendations, we suspended face-to-face support for members’ safety. We’re now supporting them remotely: one-to-one therapy via phone, group therapy via Zoom, and increased support by phone for challenges like tackling homelessness, and accessing legal support and healthcare.

We’re also delivering essential food items and emergency cash to meet members’ most basic needs during this very difficult time.

Donate today to help survivors cope through this pandemic

Please help our community by donating today. Your donation helps ensure we can give survivors the support they need. 

Your gift could fund everyday essentials for members, like food, toiletries, phone top-ups and emergency money. Or it could help members have individual therapy or group therapy sessions to help them cope with the effects of their trauma. It could also help us provide them with specialist advice so they can access suitable housing, legal support and healthcare, for example. 

Anything you can provide right now will help the people in our community get through this pandemic and access the resources and support they need to rebuild their lives in the UK. 

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Other ways to give

Text to donate

One off text donation – please text ROOMTOHEAL on 70460 and it will automatically donate £5 to Room to Heal. If you want to donate £10 text ROOMTOHEAL 10 to 70460 (you can pledge any whole number between 1 and 20).

Monthly text donation If you would like to donate monthly, text ROOMTOHEALMONTHLY followed by the amount you wish to donate on 70470. For example, if you’d like to donate £3 every month, text ROOMTOHEALMONTHLY 3 to 70470. 

Texts cost your donation amount plus two standard network rate messages. Thereafter you’ll be charged your chosen donation amount every month. It’s easy to stop regular donations at any time.

Send a cheque

If you want to send us money directly you can post a cheque to:
Room to Heal, Mildmay Community Centre, Woodville Road, London, N16 8NA, UK.